• Prime Minister Modi inaugrates the artificial intelligence ‘RAISE 2020’ summit
  • World Teachers Day: 5th October
  • Indo-American Chamber of Commerce presents lifetime achievement award to Ratan Tata
  • Haryana Govt launches ‘Gram Darshan’
  • Harvey J Alter, Charles M Rice & M Houghton were awarded Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovery of Hepatitis C virus
  • India successfully tests Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo
  • Axis Bank, Vistara launch co-branded forex card
  • Govt appoints Dinesh Kumar Khara as SBI chairman for 3 years
  • SEBI introduces very high risk category in mutual fund schemes
  • Ubon ropes in Rana daggubati as brand ambassodor
  • Roger Penrose won half of prize for discovery that black hole formation is robust prediction of general theory of relativity, Reinhard Genzel & Andrea Ghez recieved second half of prize for discovery of supermassive compact object at center of our galaxy
  • Naidu greets RAF personnel on force’s 28th raising day
  • Govt appoints M Rajeshwar Rao as new deputy governor of RBI
  • Former CBI director Aswani kumar passes away
  • The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to French researcher Emmanuelle Charpentier & American Jennifer A Doudna for developing tools to edit DNA


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